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If you want to choose the best color blind glasses for you, the first thing to know is what is color blindness.

Color blindness

The Royal Spanish Academy defines it as a “vision defect that consists of not perceiving certain colors or confusing some of those who perceive“. The retina of a colorblind patient has a total or partial lack of photoreceptors sensitive to light that prevents interpreting the color information correctly. It is also defined as blindness for colors.

Does it affect men as well as women?

It is a genetic visual alteration whose most frequent inheritance is of the recessive type linked to the X chromosome. For this reason, it is a disease more present in men than in women. Men have a single X chromosome, so if it is deficient it will already be color blind. In contrast, women have two X chromosomes; if one is affected, they have the other to counteract the effect.

Human vision: what it consists in

Basic operation of human vision

The eye is a photoreceptor organ that aims to receive the rays of light that objects project to transform them into electrical impulses that the human brain is capable of interpreting. To do this, the retina has specialized cells to perform this transformation and send information through the optic nerve to the visual cortex.

Rods and cones

These are the cells specialized in the transformation of light into neuronal signals. The rods allow to see low levels of light intensity (scotopic vision). On the other hand, the cones are responsible for the color vision (photopic vision). There are three kinds of cones: those that produce the sensation of green, blue and red.

Types of color blindness


In these cases, the colorblind patient is only able to see on a gray scale.

It does not perceive any heat, which may be due to neurological reasons or to the lack of the three cones. It is the most serious type of color blindness.


This type of color blindness occurs when the person presents only one of the cones, so the vision of color and light is reduced to one dimension.


Dicromatism is generally understood as colorblind. It is the absence of one of the cones, not being able to perceive the colors associated with it. Of the remaining cones, the one that is capable of capturing the nearest wave frequency will perform the function of the absent one. This is what generates confusion in the colors.

Deuteranopia. The green pigment is missing and the average wave frequencies can not be captured. This causes the vision of this color to be affected.

Protanopia. It is the inability to see the long wave frequencies or the red color, which is usually perceived as gray or beige.

Tritanopia. It is the least common and influences vision of shortwave frequencies. The patient can not perceive the color blue, which is confused with green.

Anomalous trichromatic

People have all three types of cones, but these have functional defects, which confuses the colors. As in dichromatism, there are groups with protanomaly, deuteranomaly and tritanomaly, although they are less notable.

The life of a colorblind person

When and how does a person realize that he or she is color blind?

In all cases, the color blind person is born with color blindness. It is usually the teachers and parents who realize that a child suffers from this defect, as it confuses colors when playing, drawing, etc.

Does color blindness affect the person’s daily life?

This defect does not affect daily life or its proper personal development, it only requires learning to live with it. Color blind patients may be adversely affected when performing certain professions, for example, airplane pilot, police man, etc.

How colorblind glasses work

Color Blind Glasses Pilestone Model TP-010
Color Blind Glasses Pilestone Model TP-010

What do these glasses have so that the person sees more colors when putting them on?

Colorblind glasses have specially designed lenses to filter the frequencies that exist between colors. This generates a greater contrast and reduces the confusion between them. A clear proof that the less is more. Part of the visual information is removed so that the color blind see better the world around them.

Do these types of glasses really cure color blindness?

Glasses for color blindness do not cure this visual defect, they simply help to distinguish colors better while they are used.

What happens during the tests?

Users of the Enchroma glasses and the Pilestone glasses ensure that they perceive colors that are much more intense and vibrant. They get to appreciate tones that they have never seen before. For example, they manage to see the red color of a traffic light.

How does a color blind feel seeing all colors well for the first time in his life?

It is difficult to describe what a colorblind person feels when seeing certain colors for the first time. Without doubt, it is one of the things that must be lived to know how they are. But if we take into account the videos circulating on the Internet, it has to be a totally indescribable experience.

What do this type of glasses bring to a colorblind person?

The color blind glasses from Amazon make the colorblind person see colors that he has never seen before. Or what is the same, allow you to see the world as it really is, helping you to improve your daily life.

Differences in the appreciation of colors with the new glasses

The colorblind individuals manage to see a greater spectrum of colors, appreciating better the great diversity of tonalities that exists in the world.

What brands of glasses are there?

There are several brands of color blindness glasses by price. Thanks to the international marketing campaign they have carried out, one of the most famous are the Enchroma glasses.

Also known are Pilestone and Chromagen glasses.

Design of the glasses: they are all the same or have different designs to be able to choose?

Among the Amazon color blind glasses it is possible to find different designs available. These models are intended for an adult audience, both for outdoor and indoor use, and for children.

Daltonism in the Hormiguero

To know exactly what a colorblind person feels when using these glasses, nothing like watching the video of the El Hormiguero program where the subject is discussed and a small experiment is done with guests, who test the glasses for the first time.

The First time that 3 color blind boys see all the colors

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